Notrax floor mats

Sabafer has been working for years with Notrax, a leading company in Europe and worldwide, in the production of ergonomic, anti-fatigue and safety mats for use in industrial and/or office environments.

The anti-fatigue mats are available in various types and materials for industrial and commercial applications. Most anti-fatigue mats are a combination of an ergonomic design with a cushioning layer. Cushioning causes constant unconscious control of balance and micro-movements that stimulate blood flow along the legs and feet.

This results in better circulation and less fatigue. The cushioning layer insulates feet from hard surfaces, cold floors, vibration, moisture and sound.

In many industries, employees are forced to work on their feet, walk and carry loads. Experts agree that mats can significantly improve employee productivity and satisfaction and reduce absenteeism and chronic illnesses associated with long periods of standing work.

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