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30 years of experience in the supply of work equipment
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Work equipment
from the best brands on the market
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A modern structure alongside
of large and medium-sized enterprises
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Sabafer Srl is a company with thirty years of experience in the market of techno-industrial supplies. Based in Turin, a few kilometers away from the major industrial and automotive plants in Northern Italy, we operate throughout the national and European territory. Thanks to the experience we have acquired, we are able to guarantee our customers a selected product synonymous with high quality and safety; proposing ourselves on the market with a modern commercial structure, aimed primarily at medium and large companies.
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Sabafer is a company specialized in the resale of high quality brands in the industrial, automotive and aeronautical fields. We also operate in the food industry and logistics sector. After a constant growth in the market and years of experience, Sabafer also offers a brokerage service and technical and commercial advice for the Brands represented.
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We have always worked with large companies that have entrusted us with the responsibility of assisting them in the supply of work equipment, which we repay punctually by taking care of every order. Sabafer Srl is synonymous with speed and professionalism, we provide the customer with the experience of our team and the best brands on the market.



Our products are the result of partnerships that we have created in 30 years of experience in the industry, relying exclusively on the best brands on the market. We can count on a proven structure of sales and supply capillary within the national and European territory. Download our catalogs.


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From today your company has a partner in case of environmental emergencies: whether it’s flammable liquids, oil spills in water, chemicals from batteries, we will be at your side to guide you in the application of the most appropriate procedures as well as provide you with emergency products.